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Heavy-Duty Chain WrenchesHeavy-Duty Chain Wrenches
Reed chain wrenches offer by far the most sizes and are longer lasting because they have up to twice as many chain slots as any competitive tool, thus spreading the force across more chain slots and providing greater operator safety.
Aluminum Pipe WrenchesAluminum Pipe Wrenches
Light and strong, the titanium-aluminum alloy handle is heat-treated for maximum strength. Now with tighter tolerances for a snugger wrench, ”beefier” housing for a stronger wrench, and textured paint for a better grip. Offset wrenches have similar construction with longer swing for hard-to-reach places.
Pipe Wrenches (Heavy-Duty)Pipe Wrenches (Heavy-Duty)
The most popular pipe wrench style. High-tensile ductile iron handle and hardened, alloy steel parts are designed to withstand the heaviest demands. Offset wrenches have similar construction and provide longer swing and better access to hard-to-reach places.
Smooth Jaw WrenchesSmooth Jaw Wrenches
Reed offers large capacity wrenches for geometric and delicate work.
Operator's WrenchOperator's Wrench
Cast alloy steel RF10 is designed for gripping pipe, test plugs, packing glands, and flange nuts.
Adjustable WrenchesAdjustable Wrenches
With hardened and tempered forged alloy steel handles, phosphorous bronze springs, and a triple-coated nickel-chrome exterior finish, these Reed wrenches are constructed of the finest materials available
Dual Socket Ratchet WrenchesDual Socket Ratchet Wrenches
Dual socket wrenches fit the most popular water works fasteners for mechanical joints, flange bolts, repair clamps, service saddles and sleeves.
Strap WrenchesStrap Wrenches
Reed's Strap Wrenches provide gripping power without scratching or deforming plastic or polished metal pipe.

Ratchet Wrenches and SocketsRatchet Wrenches and Sockets
Reed Ratchet Wrenches meet the needs of the world market. They are designed for tightening or loosening nuts on long, threaded bolts of service saddles, repair clamps, flanges, mechanical couplings, etc.
Individual Hex Sockets (Inches)Individual Hex Sockets (Inches)
Individual Hex Sockets - Inches
One Hand WrenchesOne Hand Wrenches
The original and still the best for working in tight places, including meter pits! This Reed invention features strong, forged steel, one-piece handle. Spring-loaded jaws grip any shape: meter nuts, round pipe, or parts of fittings without adjustment. One Hand Wrench works like a pipe wrench and provides better grip than pliers due to the jaws and tooth direction. Securely and immediately tighten and loosen without removing the wrench from pipe.
Hydrant WrenchesHydrant Wrenches
Hydrant Wrenches from Reed feature solid bar stock handles on HW/HWB and are both strong and knurled for more secure gripping for critical field applications.
Thru-Bolt Utility SetsThru-Bolt Utility Sets
Reed Thru-Bolt ratchet wrenches work faster than pipe wrenches or adjustable wrenches for tightening or loosening nuts on long, threaded bolts of service saddles, repair clamps, flanges, mechanical couplings, etc. Individual handles are available, made with traditional malleable iron or lower cost steel stampings. Individual sockets made of strong, cast ductile iron are available, as well as whole sets, and fit all wrench handles listed.
Square Drive Ratchet WrenchesSquare Drive Ratchet Wrenches
Female drive ratchets are great for ratcheting line-up clamps for welding steel pipe and for other process piping needs.
Torque Wrenches for Cast Iron Soil PipeTorque Wrenches for Cast Iron Soil Pipe
Reed's Torque Wrenches for Cast Iron Soil Pipe are engineered to provide recommended torque on No-Hub soil pipe connections/fitting clamps.
Manhole HooksManhole Hooks
Manhole hooks are forged of 5/8” hex high carbon steel. Handle fits large hand. MH30 has rotated handle and rocker head to more easily enter notch in stubborn covers. Points are 1/2” wide for cover openings. Powder painted for corrosion protection.
Valve Wheel WrenchesValve Wheel Wrenches
Reed valve wheel wrenches are designed to grip the rims of hand valve wheels securely and provide leverage for opening and closing.
Meter & Curb Box Lid KeysMeter & Curb Box Lid Keys
Reed Meter Keys open many styles of meter pit lids and curb box lids. Reed has the widest choice of pentagon keys and ”skeleton” keys available, ending lengthy searches for the right key.
Comfort Grip One Hand WrenchesComfort Grip One Hand Wrenches
Same great attributes as the One Hand Wrenches, but with a comfort hand grip for the ergonomic advantages of higher torque and less fatigue.
Larger Ratchet Wrench & SocketsLarger Ratchet Wrench & Sockets
For hard-to-reach deep well bolts, Reed offers Extended Sockets that are made of tool steel and are impact grade.
Valve Packing WrenchValve Packing Wrench
Valve Packing Wrenches have an adjustable wrench at one end and an O-style valve wheel wrench at the other end.
Comfort Grip - Adjustable WrenchesComfort Grip - Adjustable Wrenches
Use the best adjustable wrenches in new ways: a plastic dip coating gives ergonomic advantages of greater comfort, higher torque, and less fatigue. Reed comfort grips are thicker and harder than most, resulting in greater ergonomic benefits and longer grip life.
Chain Tongs (Heavy-Duty)Chain Tongs (Heavy-Duty)
Durable long-lasting tongs for all types of pipe fitting jobs, from oil field to general work.
Basin WrenchesBasin Wrenches
Basin Wrenches are designed for use under sinks and in other tight quarters.
Pipe Wrench PartsPipe Wrench Parts
Forged alloy steel replacement parts meet the most demanding applications.
Various Reed Accessories can be found here to help you complete all your projects.

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