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Robert Larson Company

Tool Zone Catalog > Woodworking Hand Tools
Two Cherries ChiselsTwo Cherries Chisels
Two Cherries tools are still largely made in the same way in which they were made decades ago. Where change has been introduced it has only enhanced the quality of the product. The finest steel is used throughout the product line, and skilled craftsmen still work with diligence to bring you a tool that you will be proud to own and love to work with. In fact, your children and grandchildren will be just as pleased to use these tools - tools made with care.

Two Cherries Bevel Edge Chisel Sets • Two Cherries Bevel Edge Wooden Handled Chisels • Two Cherries Bevel Edge Plastic Handled Chisels • Two Cherries Mortise Chisels • Two Cherries Swan Neck Mortise Chisels • Two Cherries Bevel Edge Chisel Curved Blade Chisels • Two Cherries Skew Chisels • Two Cherries Straight Edge Chisels • Two Cherries Gouges • Two Cherries Curved Gouges • Two Cherries Chisel Edge Guards • Two Cherries Replacement Chisel Handles
English ChiselsEnglish Chisels
Bevel Edge Chisels • Paring Chisels • Cranked Paring Chisels • Registered Chisels
Japanese Oire Nomi ChiselsJapanese Oire Nomi Chisels
These chisels are produced using laminated steel construction for an edge that can hold an incredible sharpness (hard steel) and yet is backed up with a softer steel, giving tremendous strength.
Tool StorageTool Storage
Proper storage of fine tools, especially cutting tools, is a must. To reduce unnecessary damage, the use of tool rolls and tool holders is recommended. Quality man-made materials and leather both provide unsurpassed
storage. When choosing tool rolls and tool holders, note the use of durable materials, rugged dividers and gussets and the type of closures best suited to your needs. A tool drawer with multiple tool rolls makes
for a perfect picture.

The leather products found in this section are produced from leather that is ideal for tools. The tanning process is done without heavy metals and human-harmful chemicals so that the products are both safe for the craftsperson and minimize tool oxidation.

Aprons • Wood is Good Tools Rolls • Tool Rolls • Holsters, Cases, Wallets, and Holders
Keller Dovetail SystemKeller Dovetail System
The KELLER DOVETAIL SYSTEM Lets You Spend More Time Working With Wood, Less Time Adjusting Tools

Because it is engineered for people who are not engineers, the Keller Dovetail System requires only your common sense and a router to get started. You simply clamp the Keller Dovetail Templates to your workpiece, pick up your router, and start cutting. In only 2 to 5 minutes you will cut both halves of a dovetail joint. The results will be clean, precise, and snug fitting, with beautiful hand-cut proportions Lets You Cut Any Width Stock, and Vary Wood Thicknesses Easily...

Keller Dovetail System Journeyman Models • Keller Dovetail System Professional Models • Bits & Bearings Keller Dovetail System • Keller Dovetail System Videos & Instructions.
Two Cherries Full Size Carving ToolsTwo Cherries Full Size Carving Tools
In production for over one hundred and fifty years, are available in nearly 750 different sizes and shapes. There are no carving chisels made anywhere in the world today that surpass the quality of these German tools. These are professional, long model tools, fine polished inside and outside, with a blade length (without tang) of 125mm.

All tools come standard with a fine quality octagon handle. In addition, all tools of 25mm or larger have double-hooped handles for added strength.

Two Cherries Sweep #1 Carving Tools • Two Cherries Sweep #3 Carving Tools • Two Cherries Sweep #4 Carving Tools • Two Cherries Sweep #5 Carving Tools • Two Cherries Sweep #6 Carving Tools • Two Cherries Sweep #7 Carving Tools • Two Cherries Sweep #8 Carving Tools • Two Cherries Sweep #9 Carving Tools • Two Cherries Sweep #10 Carving Tools • Two Cherries Sweep #11 Carving Tools • Two Cherries 75 Degree V-Tool #39 Carving Tools • Two Cherries 60 Degree V-Tool #41 Carving Tools • Two Cherries 100 Degree V-Tool #45 Carving Tools • Two Cherries Grooving Tools #47 • Two Cherries Macaroni Tools • Two Cherries Swiss Pattern Fish Tail Tools • Two Cherries Professional Carving Tool Sets • Two Cherries Carving Tool Handles
Two Cherries Small Carving ToolsTwo Cherries Small Carving Tools
These smaller Two Cherries carving tools are the same quality as the larger professional tools shown on the previous pages, but fill the need for the occasional carver, and the carver doing smaller work. These are professional quality, smaller tools, polished all around. The blades are about 4" long and the overall length with handle is about 8". All of these tools come with an octagonal shaped handle that you will find easy to work with.

Two Cherries Small Straight Chisel Edge • Two Cherries Small Straight Skew Edge • Two Cherries Small Straight Very Shallow Gouge Sweep #6 • Two Cherries Small Straight Shallow Gouge Sweep #8 • Two Cherries Small Straight Gouge Sweep #10 • Two Cherries Small Curved Very Shallow Gouge • Two Cherries Small Curved Very Shallow Gouge • Two Cherries Small Curved Shallow Gouge • Two Cherries Small Curved Gouge • Two Cherries Small Spoon Bent Straight Edge • Two Cherries Small Spoon Bent Very Shallow Gouge • Two Cherries Small Spoon Bent Shallow Gouge • Two Cherries Small Spoon Bent Gouge • Two Cherries Small Straight V-Chisel • Two Cherries Small Curved V-Chisel • Two Cherries Small Spoon Bent V-Chisel • Two Cherries Small Straight Grooving Gouge • Two Cherries Small Carving Tool Sets
Two Cherries Pear Handled Carving ToolsTwo Cherries Pear Handled Carving Tools
For carvers that do mostly smaller work, where large amounts of wood are not being removed, these pear
shaped handled chisels are perfect. The handle is shaped to be comfortable in the hand, and a flat on one side
keeps the tool from rolling off the workbench. Each handle is protected with a high gloss finish. The blades are
about 4" long and the overall length with handle is about 6-1/2".

These are the same blades found on the smaller Two Cherries octagon handled tools, and the blades keep to the exacting high standards found on all Two Cherries tools. Hand forged of high carbon steel, the blades are heat treated to sixty-one degrees Rockwell, and then ground and polished all around.

Two Cherries Pear Handled Straight Chisel Edge • Two Cherries Pear Handled Straight V-Chisel • Two Cherries Pear Handled Straight Gouge Sweep #10 • Two Cherries Pear Handled Curved Very Shallow Gouge • Two Cherries Pear Handled Curved Shallow Gouge • Two Cherries Pear Handled Straight Skew Edge • Two Cherries Pear Handled Straight Very Shallow Gouge Sweep #6 • Two Cherries Pear Handled Straight Shallow Gouge Sweep #8 • Two Cherries Pear Handled Curved Gouge • Two Cherries Pear Handled Spoon Bent Straight Edge • Two Cherries Pear Handled Spoon Bent Very Shallow Gouge • Two Cherries Pear Handled Spoon Bent Shallow Gouge • Two Cherries Pear Handled Spoon Bent Gouge • Two Cherries Pear Handled Curved V-Chisel • Two Cherries Pear Handled Spoon Bent V-Chisel • Two Cherries Pear Handled Straight Grooving Gouge • Two Cherries Pear Handled Carving Tool Sets
Two Cherries Miniature & Micro Carving ToolsTwo Cherries Miniature & Micro Carving Tools
Like all other products made by Two Cherries, these micro carving tools are hand forged and finely polished. The blades are mounted on a specially designed wooden handle to give an easy-to-use feeling. The blades are approximately 60mm long on a handle of 110mm (about 170mm, or just under seven inches, overall). These are the tools that woodcarvers have been looking for to work the details in their carving.

Have you ever needed a very small carving tool for working in limited access or on very small pieces of work?
Finally, Two Cherries has provided the solution! Small octagon handles fit comfortably in the hand, and the balance of handle to blade is perfect. Still made in the same manner that makes all Two Cherries tools the finest in the world, with blades of high carbon steel, heat treated to take and hold an edge. Blades are approximately 2-1/4" long with overall tool length about 4-5/16".

Two Cherries Micro Carving Tools • Two Cherries Miniature & Micro Carving Tool Sets
Two Cherries Carving KnivesTwo Cherries Carving Knives
The variety of styles found in these fine German knives will provide the carver and woodworker with the answer to most any cutting situation.

Two Cherries Chip Carving Knives • Two Cherries Micro Carving Knives • Two Cherries Chip Carving Knife Sets
Carving ToolsCarving Tools
Wood Carving Tool Sets • Power Grip Carving Tool Sets • Japanese Carving Tool Sets • Dockyard Tool Micro Carving Tools • Magnifying Hood • Hand Guards, Finger Guards, Gloves & Shock Pads • Whittling Kits
Carving AccessoriesCarving Accessories
"Wood is Good" Mallets • Two Cherries Bronze Head Mallets • Carvers' Mallets • Stone Carving Tools • Woodcarvers' Screw • Carving Stand • Carvers Spoon • Wood Carver's Adzes • Two Cherries Carver's Hooks • Sculpting Adzes
High Speed Steel Turning ToolsHigh Speed Steel Turning Tools
Robert Larson turning tools are manufactured to the highest quality. A wide variety of tools are available that will allow the best possible selection for the woodturner.

The Blades - The most important issue in a well-designed turning tool is the quality of the blade. All Robert Larson blades are manufactured to precise specifications. The steel is M2 molybdenum based high speed steel which is machined from the solid in most cases. A few tools are entirely forged into shape. Next the tool is heat treated, being hardened and tempered to sixty-two degrees on the Rockwell "C" scale. By no means is this the end of the manufacturing process as the blades are next machine ground and, in a number of cases, hand ground as well. The cutting edge is carefully ground, with this being followed by hand glazing and polishing of the tool surface. Polishing is linear to the blade length, unlike other manufacturers that leave circular polishing markings on the blade. In the case of fluted tools, polishing is accomplished with specially shaped abrasive impregnated rubber wheels. A thorough quality inspection is made on each and every tool before it is proudly marked HSS Steel, Made in Sheffield England.

The Handles - While the blades may be the most important part of a woodturning tool, the handle can make a tremendous difference in the accuracy of your turning, as well as how long you can turn before getting tired. Robert Larson turning tool handles were designed in consultation with a leading woodturning company (established over a century ago) to provide both a firm as well as comfortable grip that will let you do your best work for hours on end! The handle starts with a blank of quality ash wood which is shaped into a unique style with beaded grips. While other manufacturers will apply a lacquer finish to the handle, our handles have an oil finish which provides a firmer grip. A solid brass sleeve is mounted on the front of the handle to strengthen the fitting of the blade tang into the handle. Each tool has been given the best size handle for the job.

Sets - A number of sets have been assembled to provide help in selecting the basic turning tools to begin your turning with. As you become more involved in turning simply add tools from the wide range available.

Spindle Gouges • Bowl Gouges • Parting Tools • Round Nose Scrapers • Roughing Out Gouges • Oval Skews • Diamond Side Cutting Scrapers • Bedan Tools • Skew Chisels • Skew-Rounded Edge Chisels • Square Nose Scrapers • Round Nose Side Cutting Scraper • Long & Strong Skews • Long & Strong Skews with Rounded Edges • Diamond Parting Tools • Fluted Parting Tools • Beading and Parting Tools • Combination Ring Tools • Bowl Scrapers • Heavy Duty Scrapers • Round Skew Chisels • Shear Scrapers • Box Scrapers • Dovetail Tools • Diamond Point Tools • Wedge Tools • Ring Tools • Disk Scrapers • Hollowing Tools • Grooving Forming Tools • Spiral Shell Auger Bits • Mid Size & Minature Turning Tools • Turning Tool Sets • Replacement Turning Tool Handles
Turning Tool AccessoriesTurning Tool Accessories
Center Finders • Scraper Burnishers • Turner's Sizing Calipers • Turner's Sanding Pack • Moisture Meters
Sjöbergs Birch WorkbenchesSjöbergs Birch Workbenches
Sjöbergs has been manufacturing cabinet maker's benches for over eighty years, for professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and schools. The company also produces a wide range of accessories for their benches - making them all the more useful. All development and production takes place in Stockaryd, Småland, Sweden. Sjöbergs are proud of that, and their tradition of knowledge in producing workbenches that work for you. They maintain full control of production so the products retain excellent quality. The fact that they offer a ten-year guarantee is the assurance you want and deserve. You will be satisfied with your Sjöbergs product and will find that your woodworking will be even more fun and satisfying. A great bench will help you make great work.

Workbenches • Workbench Accessories
Measuring and LayoutMeasuring and Layout
Marking Gauges • Cutting Gauges • Miter Squares • Mortise Gauges • Small Levels • Try Squares • Panel Gauges • Wheel Marking Gauges • Adjustable Bevels • Angle Dividers & Angle Masters • Combination Squares • Dovetail Markers • Engineer Squares • Try/Setup Gauges • Folding Rules • Steel Rules • Center Rules • Self-Adhesive Rules • Flexible Curve Rules • Angle Finding Tools & Protractors • Compasses, Dividers, and Calipers • Trammel Heads • Drawing Jigs • Center Finders • Pounce Wheels • Awls • Marking Knifes • Contour Gauges • Square Fences • Saddle Squares • Pencils • Center Punches • Plumb Bob's • Carpenter's Helper
Drilling and BoringDrilling and Boring
Stern Drilling & Boring • Brad Point Drills • Long Brad Point Drills • Clean Exit Metric Drill Bits • Clean Exit Inch Drill Bits • Self-Centering Vix Drill Bits • Countersink Drills • Countersink & Drill Sets • Countersink / Drill Stop Collars • Plug Cutters • Snug-Plugs • Gimlets • Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver • Hand Drills • Braces • Auger Bits & Screwdrivers for Braces • Drill Gauges & Dowel Gauges • Drill Depth Stops • Dowel Formers • Deluxe Drilling Jig • Double Pocket-Hole Jigs • Drill Bushings • Dowel and Tenon Centers • Shelf Pin Drilling Jigs • Precision Drill Guides • Hollow Screw Extractors
Soft Arkansas Stones • Hard Arkansas Stones • Black Hard Arkansas Stones • Honing Oils • Combination Stones • Slip Stones • Pocket Stones • Arkansas File Sets • Tri-Hones • Sharpening Kits • Honing Guides • Bevel Gauges • Wheeler Dressers • Honing Compound • Sharpening Guides • Japanese Water Stones • Tool Sharpeners • Nagura Stones • Carving Tool Slips • Wood is Good Sharpening Strops • Stone Holders & Bases
Scrapers & BurnishersScrapers & Burnishers
Burnishers • Cabinet Scrapers • Scraper Holders
Anant PlanesAnant Planes
Anant planes, made in India, are nicely finished and will not destroy your budget! Spend a little time "tuning" these tools and you will neither regret your investment, nor the money saved. In fact, you might be able to consider getting an extra plane or two with the savings!
Hock IronsHock Irons
Hock Double Irons • Hock Bench Plane Irons • Block Plane & Spokeshave Irons • Chip Breakers • Hock Scraper Irons
Clifton - Sheffield, England • Hock Wooden Spokeshave Irons • Rebate Planes • Circular Planes • Miniature Planes • Radius Planes • Cornering Tools Kits
Kunz Spokehaves & PlanesKunz Spokehaves & Planes
Kunz Spokeshaves • Kunz Planes
Tools For DowelsTools For Dowels
Wood Ballers • Dowel Sizers • Wood Pointers • Threadboxes & Taps
Japanese SawsJapanese Saws
Flush Cutting Saws • Beading Saws • Azebiki Saws • Ryoba Saws • Dozuki Saws • Edo-Me Saws • Keyhole Saws • Keyhole Saws • Mini Saws • Razor Saws
Coping Saws • Jeweler's Saws • Fret Saws • Junior Saws • Craft Saws • Hand Saws • Folding Carpenter Saws • Saw Files • Saw Sets • Turning Saws • Span Web Saws • Two Cherries Hand Saws • Miter Boxes and Saws
Vises & ClampsVises & Clamps
Vises • Bench Stops • Holddowns • Bench Dogs • Band Clamps • Pinch Dogs
Mitreing Tools & Picture Framing ToolsMitreing Tools & Picture Framing Tools
Mitre Cutters • Mitre Trimmer • Brad Setters • Frame Clamps • Mitre Vises • Mitre Clamps
Rubber Sanding Drums • Contour Sanding Sets • Motor Driven Sanding Drums • Abrasive Cleaners • Sleeveless Drum Sanders • Sanding Blocks • Sanding Sticks
Files and RaspsFiles and Rasps
Chainsaw Files • Horse (Ferrier) Rasps • Saw Files • Mill Files • Hand Cut Rasps • Cabinet Files & Rasps • File Cards • Hand Cut Riffler Rasps • Needle File Sets • Sander-Rasps • Riffler File-Rasps • Staircase Makers Rasps • Needle Rasp Sets • Handy Rasp Sets • Riffler Rasps
Hammers, Mallets, & BarsHammers, Mallets, & Bars
Warrington Hammers • Brad Drivers & Nail Sets • Carpenters Hammers • Mallets • 3 in 1 Nail Setter Bars • Cat's Paws • Tack Lifters • Carpenter's Nippers
Painters' Tools Stiff Blades • Glue Scrapers • Shavehooks • Polishes, Finishes, & Shellacs • Brushes
Glue Applicators • Hide Glue
Timber ToolsTimber Tools
Power Tenon Cutters • Mini Power Tenon Cutters • Transfer Scribes • Froes • Spoon Bits • Scorps • Inshaves • Adzes • Bark Spuds • Two Man Saws • Timber and Log Saws • Forged Drawknives • Drawknifes • Timber Framing Chisels
Veneering Tools and SuppliesVeneering Tools and Supplies
Intarsia Knives • Veneer Hammers • Rollers • Veneer Saws & Cutters • Edge Trimmers • Veneer Tapes • Veneer Sheets • Veneer Edging
Jig & Fixture PartsJig & Fixture Parts
Adjustment Knobs Stud Fitting • Adjustment Knobs Thru Hole Fitting • Adjustment Knobs Blind Insert Fitting • De-Sta-Co Hold Down Clamps • Ball Bearing Rollers • Slick Tapes • T-Track
Power Tool AccessoriesPower Tool Accessories
Router Mats • Setting Gauges • Bandsaw Blade Files • Knife Hone & Holder • Router Accessories • Corner Chisels • Clico Hollow Mortise Chisel and Bit Sets • Wheel & Circle Cutters • Scroll Saw Blades • Safety / Push Sticks • Dado Shims Set • Feather Boards • Tapering Jigs
Checkering ToolsCheckering Tools
Shop & Home ToolsShop & Home Tools
Insulation Cutter • Automatic Sewing Awls • Sewing Needles • Violin Knives • Hollow Punches • Counter Brushes • Dust Pans • Pocket Knives • Bee's Wax • Universal Cutters • Sliver Gripper • Rare Earth Magnets • Multiple Use Clamps
Carving • Woodturning • Joinery • Hand Tools • Tool Sharpening • Power Tools • Furniture and Design • Home Construction and Building Renovation • General Woodworking Books

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